CFFP Core Values

the value of the spirit of volunteerism is exemplified by the Board of Trustees and Foundation officers who are volunteers. Each volunteer works as a team player in the vineyard focused on improving lives, creating better opportunities for children, giving indigents a helping hand in addressing their needs.

the value of Charity begins at the Center. Every volunteer is expected to practice this with his superiors, peers, staff and most especially the patients. Sincere care and love for others are parts of the charitable trait inculcated in every CFFP Volunteer.

the value of respect is exemplified by applying proper etiquette in the workplace.Elders are treated with utmost respect and concern and are greeted with utmost courtesy. Respect for indigents & their families, regardless of race, religion or color is practiced.

the value of attention is paramount in every CFFP volunteer. Attention to patient, attention to detail, attention to pre & post surgical care and dental care are traits inherent in a CFFP volunteer.

the value of neatness is required to be observed by every CFFP volunteer at all times. Neatness, hygiene & orderly emphasis on detail are strictly observed in making the Center a wholesome center for indigent families.

the value of integrity is integral to a CFFP volunteer. Integrity builds trust and trust forges healthy and lasting relationships. This is inculcated in CFFP personnel as a primary core value.

outstanding work is required of every CFFP volunteer. This will ensure the quality care, surgical efficiency and dental care necessary for successful surgeries and treatment conducted by CFFP volunteers on its in-house & outreach mission.