Our Major Partners

The CFFP owes Dr. William B. Jackson, Founder of Deseret International, a ton of gratitude for being instrumental in providing the Foundation a permanent place to call its own. Moving from one place of operation to another, the CCFP finally settled down in a building built by the Mabuhay Deseret Foundation (MDF) for its exclusive use sometime in 2008. To this day, the MDF continues to lend its support to the CFFP in many ways.

The U.S. Embassy Club (USEC) is the oldest Partner of the CFFP with a relationship that dates as far back as its St. Martin de Porres Charity Hospital days in the 70s. At present, USEC continues to support the programs and projects of the CFFP by partially funding the creation of this website for the Foundation and also encouraging member(s) to help out in the Recovery Room during In-House surgeries.

With a limited financial ability in the past to address the needs of the indigent cleft community, the Foundation is now able to provide for free the surgery badly needed by them courtesy of Smile Train. The support, provided by the organization not only in terms of funding for surgeries but also equipment, is ‘heaven-sent’ to organizations that depend entirely on private donors to carry out their advocacies.

The financial support provided by the Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office (PCSO) provides the missing link in addressing the needs of the indigent community. With funds now available for the non-cleft patients of the CFFP, the foundation is at present able to help more indigent patients in need of reconstructive and/or oral & maxillo facial surgery, surgery to release burn contractures and meningoceles whose surgeries are not only very expensive but also require a series of surgeries.

The Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital (OLLH) serves as the Tertiary Hospital where the complicated surgeries of the CFFP are performed.

The participation of the Cardinal Santos Medical Center Department of Anesthesia has provided the CFFP the services of anesthesiologists training to specialize in Pediatric Anesthesia under the skilled guidance of their Senior Consultants.

The services provided by the CFFP came full circle with the entry of the Speech Pathologists provided by the University of Sto. Tomas (UST). Assigned at the Craniofacial Center on a rotational basis, the interns are able to work hands on with palate and SPED patients at the Center; observe surgeries performed at the Operating Room and also field questions to the surgeons performing the surgery; and participate in the Outreach Surgical Missions conducted by the CFFP at least once a month. The latter activity has been instrumental in paving the way for the creation of a Home Study Program developed to empower the parents of palate patients in the provinces to play a part in the speech development of their children. Basic speech exercises tailored to the needs of each palate patient are prepared and taught to the parents. The Home Study Program is available in seven (7) local dialects, a first in both the cleft palate community and speech language internship program.